There should be a keymap so that we can access to it and learn the shortcuts easily

I believe confluence has an easy to access keymap where they describe all the shortcuts that they have.

It would be useful to have it somewhere visible but not that present like the “?” button

It is actually there, but no one knows how to open it, because that itself is a hotkey:
Ctrl + Shift + /

Props to @BenLee, I think, for mentioning it somewhere casually in the comments.

We do have this on our list of updates to make. This needs to be more accessible for sure!

Tried it but didn’t work, then I tried Control + / and it showed up, thanks, I believe a tool like this needs a button for the the keymap, it’s not straight forward to know what the keymap shortcut is

Agreed. We’re working on it.

This will likely be grouped in with a few other fixes and updates, that’s why you’re not seeing it right away. But it’s on the list!

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