Things Coda can Learn from Slite - Async Work UX, Discussions, AI

Slite is a small and somewhat new app but I think Coda has a lot they could learn from Slite’s user experience. I especially appreciate Slite’s attention devoted to supporting an async work environment.

In Slite, when you add something from the / menu, it will sometimes insert a placeholder for an action rather than instantly executing that action. This helps a lot when designing a remote work check-in system where you need to prompt staff to add a loom or an embed of some kind.

In Coda, I’d have to write a note describing how to use /embed to achieve the same thing, and it ends up making the template doc for this type of interaction not be very intuitive or clean.

In addition to that, in Slite you can type /placeholder and get grey explanatory text as shown in the screenshot. If the user then clicks on that text it will go away and they can fill out that section based on your instructions. This saves you having to litter your document with call-outs that then annoyingly stick around even if the doc has been completely filled out.

They’ve also just launched a Discussion feature that I would love to see replicated in Coda as well. By typing /discussion you basically open a forum thread where you can then @ the relevant parties. Once everyone has discussed and reached a conclusion, one message can be marked as “the answer”, much like you can do on these forums. This is great because that decision is then recorded permanently within the context provided in Coda and can be easily referred back to by the team. I could see this feature being replicated using Coda tables, but it might be nice to have it native too.

And finally, I think Slite’s new AI feature called Ask is pretty cool. It would make it easy for our team to query our knowledge base and find the exact info they’re looking for, even if they’re not quite sure where to find it. Perhaps could be implemented in the upcoming Coda AI?