Timeline stacking order query

Hi All, I’m a new user so sorry if this question has an obvious answer.

I’ve created a ‘Task tracker’ and then added topics in the first, most left hand column. I’ve then added sub-topics in the second column for each of the topics I created. So essentially I have a parent topic (‘Name’ column in the screenshot), and ‘children’ (‘Task’ column in the screenshot) sub topics. See screenshot ‘Topics 1’.

The thing is, the timeline is doing two strange things. 1. Taking the topic ‘main design guidelines’, the topic appears in the timeline multiple times, each incidence is reflecting a sub-topic, which is great, but it doesn’t name the entry after the sub-topic, it names it after the parent topic, hence lots and lots of ‘main design guidelines’ in the timeline. It would be fantastic if each entry was named after the ‘Task’.

  1. Assuming I can somehow sort that out, the other odd thing us that the entries in the left hand column in the timeline are in a different order than the entries in the left hand column in the table. For instance, in the timeline, ‘main design guidelines’ appears towards the top and then again multiple times interwoven among other topics, scattered down the left hand column. Surely they should be stacked one under the other in one position that reflects the order of the table? See screenshot ‘stacked 2’.

I hope that made at least a bit of sense, thoughts anyone? Thank you Alistair

Hey @Alistair_Drysdale ,

  1. Select TASK as the display value in your Task tracker
  2. Do you have any sorts enabled? After you followed step 1, I suggest to add the grouping “Name” in the timeline and select custom as order, this makes it also collapsible. Let us know if you still have order problems afterwards.

Best regards


Hi Marius, thank you. It’s improved things, so I have a collapsible list (see ‘view of task tracker’) and the sub topics names in the timeline (see ‘Timeline 2’) but the topics (the words in CAPS in the screenshots) are still partly in the order of the table and sometimes not.
Thanks Alistair

Hey Alistair,

is it possible that they are in the order of your topic list?


Hi Marius,
The timeline seems to take its data from the second column in my tracker (headed ‘TASK’) but it then stacks them on the Y axis of the timeline in a different order than they appear in the second column of the tracker.

It’s not a massive issue but it would be better if the order of topics in TASK on the tracker was then reflected exactly in the timeline. Thanks Alistair