Trouble with Mult-Select Tagging


I am attempting to create a tagging system for projects. I have tried multiple versions of this to no avail.

What I’m trying to do:
I would like to create a list of tags (just a name column is needed), and a list of tests(name, and test steps). Each test will have certain tags on it. These tags are do not have to be unique to the test. Then, in a multi-select I would like to choose a set of “Tags” and pull in only unique tests.

Then in the end, you can pull in everything that needs tested based on the selected tags.

Here is a non-functional example of what I’m trying to accomplish:

Hi @Sam_Freund,
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I’m not sure I fully understood.
Is this what you intended?

Let me know if it helps.

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@Federico_Stefanato You got it! Thank you for your help!

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Hi Sam! I was hoping that you would give me permission to see your solution for using tags and then filtering on those tags. This is right in line with a project I’m thinking about right now.