Tweaking templates - task board and simple notes

I would like to have all of the actions from the simple note template pages, which are all sub pages of the task board template page, appear in the task board page so that I do not have to duplicate them and have a central place to store everything.
My goal is to have lots of simple note pages relating to meetings and projects and the task board as a top level view so I can see everything that is going on in one place.
Is this possible at all?

Yes, it basically is.

I have just built something for the office: three tables, a gap/ work unit, a meeting and an action table.

Each gap record had a button that will automatically crest a page from a template. This page contains a view of all it’s meetings, as well as all action items.

Each meeting can optionally have a page created, with details of the meeting. (The meeting table has columns for agenda, objective and minutes. A column for attendees allows the information to be emailed automatically.)

Overall views shows all gaps, or all gaps per team. Another overall view shows action items per team, per responsible person, etc.

Thanks for the reply.
Is it possible to share an example as I am not really following from your description :frowning:

HI Phil, Gladly.

My original reply was from phone, otherwise I would have shared.

There are really only three important tables in this Gaps (or topics), Meetings and Actions.
A button in the Gap table allows a page to be created where details can be recorded. It also contains a list of meetings for the Gap. The page is a copy of the page Template Page - GAP
(In the version we use at the office, I now also have a list of actions specific to the GAP.)

From the Gap page meetings can be created, also with the option whether to create a page for the meeting, where details can be recorded. The meeting page allows details to be recorded, as well as a list of attendees and action items. In this case, the new page is a copy of the template Template - Meetings

I have called the “layers” gap, meeting and actions, there is no limit to further layers. Layers could also be project, sub project, tasks, etc.


If you have further questions, I would be glad to help. (But busy at the 9-5, so might not always be very quick.)