Two way messaging from a table without user accounts

My CEO asked for a report base where each department head could submit a report.

He only wants himself and the COO to have access to submissions. They have created Coda accounts, however the rest of our managers do not have accounts. I built a doc with pages for each department which contain a Report Table and a corresponding form. As it stands the managers receive a link to their report and then they submit. The CEO receives submissions and makes comments. As it stands, the responses (within Coda) from executives are going to managers emails, however managers are only able to view but not respond.

I have the tables configured with a “People” column that is integrated with my company’s slack. Is there a way for coda comments to become a two way communication within slack so managers don’t have to create a coda account?

Coda is made for collaboration. Is there a reason you can’t hang the mangers access comments and comment back in a doc?

You can handle privacy differently because they will have access, but it seems a much better gain on the collaboration side

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Agreed. I’m of the mind that this feedback is actually critical to share among all managers. we’ll see if the CEO concurs.

Otherwise I’m going to have to go back to the drawing board.

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