Unable to Access Rows of Secon

Hey there!

I’m trying to sum all values of specific columns from different tables, as shown below:

The problem is that I cannot access the second table’s column via the dot syntax. Is it a bug or a feature? :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @Dmitry_Aksyonov ,

It should be neither of the two… :slight_smile:

I see that there are “+” and “/” before the table: I guess the second one is a typo?

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Hey @Federico_Stefanato, thanks for swift reply!

I tried the following for now:

But still with no luck. To avoid misunderstanding, let me just do a quick recap of the task:

  • I have multiple tables
  • I need to sum specific columns of each tables
  • And then aggregate subtotals to grand total

add .sum() to both of the fields, maybe that will work.

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Hey, @joost_mineur, thanks for tuning in! :partying_face:

- tried your suggestion, but still with no luck, maybe the thing is that that target columns are named the same (‘40%’).

Hi @Dmitry_Aksyonov ,
as @joost_mineur suggested, you have to sum on both sides:

Meals.40%.Sum() + Distributed Costs.40%.Sum()

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You have to be careful not to refer to the table, but to the column. The same name for a table and column is no problem, but errorprone. Rename te columns, your formula will adjust accordingly if you used the correct item. If not, retry.
If everything fails, share your doc with one of us or share a copye (without sensitive data) and we’ll fix it for you.

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@joost_mineur, @Federico_Stefanato guys,

Seems that the nut is cracked at last. Pls see the video below. The thing is - when I try to access the row via TAB button, it simply proceeds to table-wide function and allows to select sum / count etc. But if I fly back with keyboard cursors, the magic will happen and the row columns selector will appear. Maybe I’m missing something, but double checked this b4 posting the message.


As for now all is ok, appreciate your help!

It takes a little while to figure it out - and indeed, without a keyboard it becomes pretty hard. I start my canvas formulas by type the “=” and then the interface shows, which can be used with a keyboard or a mouse. Make sure you notice the little icons indicating you are dealing with a table, a column, a button, etc.
You also stumbled on the different ways of writing formulas:
sum(column1.sum(),colum2.sum()) is the same as column1.sum()+colum2.sum()

@joost_mineur gr8,

Thanks! Definitely I should’ve spent more time to examine the problem before rushing the forum. 🤦🏻🤷🏻🙂

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Don’t worry, this is probably the most friendly community I have ever encountered and it is very forgiving to new users (well, not only to new users actually :joy:)…