Unique features: examples of what coda specifically is good for? The 7Sage Law School Info Doc

examples of what coda specifically is good for?

this is one example might have seen it before dont remember The 7Sage Law School Info Doc

data for these is likely gotten from spreadsheet apps… coda has tabbed tables that is done in a way that i dont think g sheets or excel or other spreadsheets can do, not sure about airtable

seems like this may be coda’s best fit specific use case

what are the main examples shown in links of specific features coda currently has that nothing else dose?

actually google sheet does do this, you just flip it sideways

but coda has 2 layers/lvls of tabs like onenote, and the copycat of notion that came much much later on in the future

and coda can also have text and other media along with the tables, but didn’t coda already do that however many years ago? or maybe that was something else. not sure where all the resource has been put into. maybe getting coda into classrooms

anyway what are all the unique things or features coda can help with and can use coda for?

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I Suggest you review the gallery: Gallery | Coda


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