Updating Multi-select Column w/ Zapier

I’m creating a CRM and would like to track events that people have RSVPed for, and attended. At the moment, I’ve used Zapier to update a person’s record with the event when they submit a form to RSVP. The problem is that if they submit another form to RSVP for a different event, it wipes the previous event out and replaces it with the most recent. Anyone know how I can keep an ongoing list of events?
The column type on the Lead Table is a lookup from an Event Table that allows for multiple selections, but only if you’re doing it manually.

Dear @Brittany_Dufresne,

When a person subscribes to an RSVP, this should become with an unique ID, for example: “PersonName-EventName” and you will get a creation date/time when the event has been made in your registration table.

You might to consider to use the Typeform Pack to get the info in your doc. ( In this case you don’t need Zapier)

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Awesome, thank you! I did realize I was trying to connect to the wrong table. I hadn’t considered adding the Typeform pack - great idea.

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