User's local timezone

Question: from where is the user’s local timezone derived?
In the account settings you may add only select the timezone if you create new documents, but not adding/editing an existing one.

Dear @Ainara_Bilbao,

I am rather sure that it has to do with the rights.
If you are the owner or admin you will be able to adjust it in the doc settings.


Hi @Jean_Pierre_Traets sorry for late reply :sweat_smile: I will check, thanks :pray:

I was referring to every user of this coda, not the doc timezone.
Question: where may one set his/her local timezone as user?

Hi @Ainara_Bilbao,

If you visit, you’ll see a “Document Defaults” where you can enter the timezone you want used for your documents, but this will still be a document timezone setting in the doc.

We aren’t able to show the same data as different timezones per user though.

The user’s timezone is the one that they have set up in their system. There’s no way to override that with a different value in Coda.

Note that regardless of user’s timezone, everyone’s seeing dates in tables etc in the document timezone, not their local timezone (i.e. everyone sees the same date/time values). The adjustment needs to be done manually currently. For current time it’s relatively easy because you have current offset for doc timezone and local timezone. However for arbitrary dates throughout the year it gets tricky because of different DST rules.

With my recent client I had to do things like this: