Using @Row in a Checklist


I have a table of clients.
I also tried to create a section with a daily to-do list:

[] Call @Client1 to talk about x, y, z.
[] Meet @Client2 to sign paperwork.

I originally clicked +, control, checkbox, then typed my information and that linked to the @Client just fine, so that from the to-do list I could hover over the client and see phone numbers, etc. However, manually adding the checkbox for each task was cumbersome.

So, I tried to do the checklist table mentioned in Here, but in a table my @Client wont link to the client’s information because there is additional text there.

Is there an easier way?


It creates an extra step, but just add a column. In the first column after the checkbox, enter your @client and in the new column enter the task. The order doesn’t matter if these are one-time lists (as my example below shows). If you want to build up a contact history for each client, you could up the sophistication a notch with a section that uses a button to create new to-dos just above a view of your task list that shows only today’s tasks. Then you’d have a lightweight CRM.

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