Variable Set of Buttons

Hello community,

I had been looking for a way to create a variable set of buttons for a “workflow” application that continues to grow in processes.

Right now, it is easy to create a set of variable button inside of a table, but not have them display horizontally, as if you reference the set of buttons, you end up with this:

However, with a little tweak and by using the FormulaMap and Button formulas, you can have them display as a neat list in your application:

Hope that helps you if you run across a similar (but niche) use case, thanks!


Doesn’t work on mobile, but if it does on the desktop then it’s a neat trick you’ve found!

Wow, cool trick.

It looks weird on embeds though…

Please note - this method no loger works due to some changes with how Coda processes the hidden “Button” formula, thanks!