View/Filtering challenge

Before I get into my challenge, I have to start by saying that thanks to a ton of encouragement from @Piet_Strydom and @Pch, I have built a tool for myself in Coda that far exceeds what were my wildest dreams when I started. Thank you so much!!

Meanwhile, of course, there’s always room for tweaking and improvement…

I have a view of my database (see screenshot) that has two columns grouped on the left and one grouped on the top. Everytime I hit the gold “+” button, a new row is added which duplicates some values including C-Symbol and Symbol, and adds the current date and time to Hitlist and C-Hitlist.

It’s probably obvious, but C-Days and C-Symbol are the same as Days and Symbol…I can’t remember why, but I found I needed to have both columns. Also, Hitlist and C-Hitlist are the same except Hitlist is date and time (in text format) and C-Histlist is date only (in date format).

I love this view because it let’s me see my latest new row on the left, and and previous rows on the right. Of course, in the working model there are notes in the Note column, so I can see a full history for each symbol. That’s so powerful! Thank you again @Piet_Strydom and @Pch!

I would like to create a new view that still allows me to see the latest row on the left and rows on the right…but I would like to be able to filter somehow so I only see rows with Hitlist or C-Hitlist values of a specified date (today, yesterday, last week, whatever). As far as I can tell, this means I need to continue grouping on the left with Symbol and on the top with the “Latest?” filter.

In the new view, I am guessing I don’t need the Group on the left called “C-Days.”

I’ve tried a lot of things to do this filter, but it never works…

Any hints on how I might be able to do this?

Many thanks!


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