Way to "pick" a column to display as "subtext" in list selector inside Detail view


We’ve seen few customers reach out to us and ask questions via in-app chat regarding how to show a different columns on List selector in new “Detail” Display.

like in below image, a Column3 is showing up as “Secondary Text” on left side left selector and Column1 shows up as Primary Text.

Display Column always shows up as “Primary” irrespective of its order in table layout. The easiest way to change what shows up as “subtext” is to switch to “table” layout and reorder columns - and then switch back to ‘Detail" view. The very first visible column that is of type Text, Date, Number and not a display column would show up as “subtext” column inside details’ list selector.

p.s We have some plans to make this configurable - but until then, hopefully this tip would come handy in creating “clean looking” list selector.

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Any update on making this configurable?

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Curious, if the above trick doesnt work? does it cause any other issues? would love to hear more about the use case. Thanks.

There isn’t necessarily an issue, I was just curious if this had been updated since last year. I’m just new and am trying to learn more about the program. Thanks!

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Thank you for the response and thank you for trying coda. will update here once this is configurable

@Chad_Oglesbay and others following this thread, the config option is exposed in UX now, you can change the column from Display flyout as shown in this image.