We created State of Design in Coda (and love and hate it)

Hi everyone, this is going to be a long post.

I am part of a non-profit organisation in Sweden called Design Leadership Community. Once a year we have a survey/report about the State of Design in Sweden. We have been runing this since 2015 and is really popular for our industry. Former years we have used Excel and Tableau to analyze the data and create graphs and then published it on a Wordpress site. This year we used Tally (form survey) and then Coda for analysis of data, create graphs and create all the content with insights and such. We have now published the report in three tiers, where some are free and some people/companies pay for.

I would like to say that we really love Coda, as we can collect most of our work in one tool and collaborate during the whole process.

During our work, we have collected everything that, we think, could be improved.

I was unable to include multiple screenshots and links (as a new user), so link to a google docs where you can see the screenshots.

1. Turn off search box
Make it possible to turn off the search in the navigation, as you can find hidden pages and data tables that you don’t want to show in public. Now we use the top navigation instead, but would rather use the navigation on the left.

2. Be able to show both median/average and how many have answered (count)
It would be great that under the median value (for 49.000) show how many have answered, for example 230 people, this to see how valid the data is.

3. Password-protect a doc
Make it possible to publish a doc and make it password-protected, similar to how WordPress does it. Now we have to create a page on Wordpress (or similar) which is password protected and then embed to link to the Coda doc, which is then easy to share (which we don’t want) as people might pay for the report and then share it with others.

4. Make sure the colors in the graphs don’t change if you use filter data with the filter bar
When user use the filter bar and filter data, the graph changes, which is good, but now the colours also change (sometimes).

5. Be able to choose percentage in all graphs
Now it is only possible to see percentage in the pie diagram, it would be great to be able to see
percentage instead of count in a Bar Chart.

6. Manual sort in graphs, sometimes you just want it your way
For example, in this graph, we would like to have Strategic Role and Design Leader by each other.

7. Sort by alphabet or numbers or by count in charts
This chart would be nice to sort by 1…2…3…4…5…6

8. Confidence Interval Error Bars
Make it possible to show confidence interval, similar to what is in this article, please see link and image in the google docs.

9. Sort segments manually
Be able to manually sort Values in segments.

10. Colour themes
Possibility to set a colour theme for charts.

11. Filter bar
Filter bar is great for making the graphs dynamic and rich. But the dropdown is blocking the view, it would be nice to somehow make them less intrusive.

12. Allow copies
Now the setting allows users to make a full copy of the whole doc, but also to copy selected text in a document. It would be nice that it is not possible to make a full copy of the doc BUT be able to select text and make copies of that. Now users need to take a screenshot and extract the text from that.

Here is the report (this is the paid version, so please don’t share this to others, it’s only for you to see how the report looks like in full.

Love to have both feedback, and if there are any workarounds or something that could be fixed in any way.


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This is interesting, thank you for sharing! Happy to see some more Swedish presence ^^

There are definitely some tips and tricks to overcome some of the issues you’ve faced, but I’d say most of these are good suggestions.

Välkommen till Coda! :orange_heart:

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Welcome to the Coda community.

And thank you for the comments, and the way in which they have been presented.


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