Webinar schedule (including formula fitness!) through June!

Hello wonderful community! I’m happy to say that we have a webinar schedule ready through June! And, it’s all in a brand new doc available at coda.io/webinars. In this doc you can:

  • Register for new webinars

  • Watch recording of past webinars

  • Vote for new webinar topics and submit ideas



Hurray and thank you :).

@maria some look like repeats. Will they be the exact same webinar or are meant as continuations?

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Love the team’s work here. These webinars have been the best Learning for me with Coda so far.

One request would be for all the old Formula fitness docs to be made available. Some seem to be but others not and they make great reference places.

Thanks Maria - the wonderful loquacious face of Coda.

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Cant wait to watch them all :smiley:
There is always useful things you can learn! :slight_smile:

These are going to be repeats, but you’re always welcome to come with questions!

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I love this idea (and the use of the word loquacious!) @Neil_Lavitt ! This should be easy to do, and I’ll add them to the Formula Fitness repository.

Will do if I can :slight_smile:

Your wish is granted! :genie:
The Formula Fitness tab now also has the docs we use. Thanks for the great feedback!

Thank you so much Maria!

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The pace of all of these changes is great, though, it would be fantastic to see a combined Behind the Building Blocks session to go over the little changes in addition to a Q&A.

Also, in Australia, the time changes have now meant that your regular slot is 3am and while I could make 5am, 3am…not really. Maybe you could delay by 2 hours to allow Australia to participate? This would also be the case for any of your Japanese customers.

Such a great idea on a recap webinar, Neil! I’ll see what I can do about timing as well. In the meantime, if you have questions, you can always post them to the Crowdcast ahead of time. I’ll still get them, and then you can jump right to them on the recording as well.

@Neil_Lavitt We’ll be hosting the In Case You Missed It: Quarterly Roundup webinar on May 17 at 1:00pm Pacific/6:00am Sydney time (May 18). I’ll be joined by our Product Marketer, Andrew, and our Product Manager, Angad. You can save your spot here - Behind the Building Block | Quarterly Roundup - Crowdcast

Thanks for the great idea!