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Hi everyone, my name is Ionã Oliveira, I’m a Brazilian Product Design Manager and a Maker :hammer_and_wrench:!
Over the past 10 years, I have helped agencies, companies and startups innovate and develop digital products such as websites and mobile applications.

My main goal is to use Coda.io to every step in my process of building digital stuff. I want to use it to documentation, task management and data base (integrating with zapier, sheetsu, etc).



Hi Al,

There’s currently no support for reflecting on the type of a value in the formula language. With respect to the People type - when you @ref a person what you’re getting back is a reference to a row in a hidden People table. You’ll notice you can access properties on the person reference such as name, email, avatar, etc. We pull this information from the Google Profile when the user logs into the Coda eco-system.

The People table is automatically populated by all “collaborators” of the document - the simple version is this contains all people who’ve accessed the document or had the document directly shared with them (even if they never logged in). These references behave identically to all other refs you might have to your own tables.

Hope that helps,

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Difference between to thisRow and column name?


I’m Ayo

I am a Front End Engineer but I’ve been using Coda as a way to take notes and track progress, contacts, and follow up actions during conferences, retreats and even job searches. I am finding it to be a great tool for making interactive worksheets for these types of events.

I am always trying out new tech and I like that the interface of coda is simple yet beautiful enough for me not to have to change it. I would like to be able to use it in mobile, and perhaps have a view where I’m not scrolling so far right on big tables (depending on context of course)




I’m in San Francisco too!!

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Hi everyone, I’m Lucas, from Argentina but living in México. I’m an Excel addict in recovery too and just starting to explore Coda features for several workflows. Nowadays I’ve built a custom real state management system.


Property Management Tool for independent house/condo managers

Hi all Tim from Toronto Canada. I’m the Executive Director of the charity here. We’re small so I do a lot of the operations/systems work. I am sort of obsessed with Coda and am fighting the desire to move everything we do into it. Right now it’s home to our strategic plan and the related metrics we’re tracking, to a few dashboards that I moved over from Trello and to our living project plan for our 2018 programs and stats. I feel like I could whip up a fully functioning GTD app on Coda in a few days if I really wanted to, and I am far from a programmer. It’s so promising!



Love this! @tom_mohr love how your videos are spreading!




Is it too late to join the party? I’m Mohammad and I’m a front end developer at Procore Technologies. I from Kuwait :kuwait: but I live in sunny Santa Barbara, CA :sunny:.

I’ve been using Coda since past week and was immediately hooked. I use Coda for task management and fitness tracking.

Looking forward to tackle the next Coda puzzle this weekend (I also do other fun stuff on weekends :confounded:)



Looking forward to exploring Coda! I’m working in publishing, printing, marketing, database management, graphic design, and a beginner programmer. Pretty much anything that’s needed around here…I enjoy hockey and donuts.

My favorite part about Coda has been the quick onboarding. I’ts been 1 week and I already have set up a usable project for an extensive database I use weekly. This will cut my time/week on this task in half. Another project I’ve set up will save 1 employee 8 hrs/week.

Goodbye Access and Excel!

NEED: Mobile view and printing capability!! Desperately. Currently I c/p my table to a Google Sheet, losing all formatting etc :frowning:

LOVE: The tech support team, the documentation/formula sheet (clarity), chaining commands.



The support team loves you too :smiley:



Hi, All :wave: ! I’m Dan, a software developer :nerd_face: working in a tiny startup accelerator in Minnesota :snowman:, currently building VR tools for exploring :rocket: architectural plans :classical_building: . Every week :calendar:, I update :pager: my team with what I’ve been up to and what I intend to work on. Coda is a really fun way to manage my todo list :heavy_check_mark: and put together these reports :page_facing_up:!



Hey Everyone! My name is Amir Ghorbani and I am the co-founder of Swoop I’ve been an avid Excel user for most of my life and always knew there would be something better. I’m extremely excited to be part of the Coda community and can’t wait to watch it grow.

Our biggest paint point in excel is vehicle availability and a quote tool for our 100+ vehicles. Really excited to learn about how everyone else is using Coda and share my progress!




Hi everyone, I’m Jonathan Lakin - founder and CEO of a London based Customer AI venture. We’ve started to use Coda (quite extensively now) as trackers for each of our teams. Trackers contains not only tasks, but all the analysis that is useful to a team - for example in our sales tracker, we import data from Hubspot (our pipeline & CRM) and then run analysis on it, build out close plans and so forth. The more I’ve used Coda, the more powerful I’ve found it…

Delighted to meet you all…



:wave::wave: hey, I’m Alex! I’ve been using Coda for a few months now for shared client documentation and project management docs. We do business/software analysis, software automation, and integration.

Have been trying to figure out a nice workflow for both of these use-cases. Using Asana as our main project task manager, it has been interesting trying to figure out when we should use Asana and when we should use Coda. We rely on both heavily now and don’t see either going anywhere anytime soon!

Super interested in meeting others using Coda in a similar situation to brainstorm and hear how you use it!




Hello I am PJ :man_technologist: a Software Developer (Consulting and Training) living in Singapore :singapore:. I use coda to follow up a big training project as well as to organize a cycling trip to Japan :biking_man::jp:

I quite randomnly discovered coda and so far I am really interested in the tool and its use cases. And I am the kind of person who dislike Excel based management very much.



Hello!! I’m Alberto, I’m currently working on a chatboard management system and a circular economy project. I came across Coda whilst browsing Product Hunt a while back and it’s a game changer! I’m using it to keep track of my projects but there’s so much more that can be done. Can’t wait for integrations!




Hey :wave:
my name is Daniel and I am a marketer, developer, thinker and doer :man_technologist:t4: For a couple of years I worked in advertising agencies as a conceptioner for brands like McDonald’s or Austrian Airlines. Two years ago I started my company and now I am both freelancing for agencies as well as serving my own clients.

I’m super happy to be part of this eary community and hope to find inspiration, hands-on examples and also be able to share my ideas and hacks with you.

Current Project
:chart_with_upwards_trend: eCommerce Dashboard: Set up a reporting and monitoring dashboard for ecommerce businesses. I’m experimenting with the Zapier integration. My goal is to present KPIs, conversion funnels etc. based on different data sources like Google Analytics, Shopify, … Hope to share my results with you soon.

Latest hack
:muscle:t4: With a dynamic link and a “add-tasks-with-a-link”-feature of Things 3, I can now transfer todos from a shared Coda list to my personal tasks list in Things 3 with just one click: I added a new column to my teams todo list and combined the Hyperlink & Format functions to create dynamic links: =Hyperlink(Format("things:///add?title={1}&deadline={2}&list=Projectname",thisRow.Title,thisRow.[Due to]),"Add").
Now I can transfer a todo by just one click into Things. I hope I find a way to automate even that :smiley:

Biggest Needs

  • Mobile support
  • Buttons with kind of an =insert() function :pray:t4:

Looking forward to explore Coda with you :blush:



Olá, Coda friends!

I’m Saulo, a São Paulo-based designer at Pixter, a digital consultancy focused in the enterprise software business. I’ve worked on mobile apps, e-commerce websites and in-betweens projects.

I’m interested in empowering people to fight bureaucracy, making govt. more transparent and making technology accessible to all.

In my free time you’ll find me playing the :musical_keyboard: or :microphone: in karaoke bars. I also enjoy reading graphic novels, trying new flavors, and :wine_glass:.

I’m excited to be with so many welcoming people here and definitely look forward to talk more soon!



Hi Coda Community,

Kerem here! I work as an electronics engineer during weekdays, prototyping hardware and writing firmware. I enjoy trying my hand at all kinds of puzzles, of which Coda’s puzzles has been the keeping me entertained the past two months :slight_smile:

Like @Ayo_Suber I like using keyboard shortcuts as much as possible, I would love to see more shortcuts to speed up my document production about 0.1 precious micro seconds.

I’m looking forward to be able to use Coda on tablets. I would love to have a touch pad kiosk close to the production line for data entry!

Its exciting to see so many high level developers (everything is high when you work bare metal level) introducing Coda into their workflows. I’m looking forward to find ways of using Coda in production management.



Hello change makers !

I am a french entrepreneur and architect living in Paris. I develop business management apps, headhunting website. I also built and manage coworking spaces in abandoned places.
I have a lot of project and data management to deal with. Coda brings exactly what I have ever dreamed of !
Happy to be part of the Community !