Welcome to the Coda Community!



I’m an Outdoor School Instructor at REI and try to get out in the woods as often as possible. I’ve also been a website and project management developer for over 10 years now. My two current favorite systems are Grav and GitHub, and Coda has quickly made itself number three!

It’s great to be a part of the community!



Hi all,
Thanks for inviting me to this awesome community!
I’m Guy, a French entrepreneur and consultant/coach, based in Paris. I’m always balancing explore and execute modes. Mostly, I help my clients, startups & corporates alike, accelerate the learning curve and reach product/market fit faster, using Lean Startup/Lean Enterprise stuff and other Jedi mind tricks.
I’m also a geek and early-adopter of new tech & tools, for myself and to gauge interest for my clients/mentees. That’s why I’m here. :wink:
Looking forward to exploring the limitless uses of Coda with you all.



Huge REI and outdoors and Coda junkie here!

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Hi Bernard, Nice to have two French Entrepreneurs here today!



Third French here :joy: represent !

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Hello Coda,

I’m a Thai UI Designer working in a telecommunication company. I knew Coda from an article on Medium and signed up then. Since the beta was launched I started to invite my team mates and they’re amaze with it.

I and my team used Coda in the process of collecting and grouping information about our project. Something I want Coda to improve is image uploading, custom hilighter’s color and (if possible) easier formular or code.



Hello everyone!

I work for a small marine tour company in Hawaii. I got interested in Coda because it looked like a great way to create a work/home project management platform. I created a dashboard to see what tasks and expenses are due “today” plus other views/folders/documents to separate categories, see details, and use Kanban arrangements. I link unscheduled maintenance tasks to daily/weekly checks to simplify tracking/minimizing persistent issues.

Your Power Hour sessions, emails, and suggestions have been great!

I am looking forward to mobile editing and the ability to search comments.

Thank you for the invite!!



Hello I’m Saul,
I’m a Computer Science(Software Engineering) Student at UTSA. I’m interested in seeing all the cool things that are thought of for use on this platform. I think it’s fairly limited right now but with time will grow to be a very useful and powerful piece of software.

I think I’d like for there to be more options for charts such as Graphs of various kinds, As well as the ability to modify tables with code. Dynamically adding and removing entries, rules and rows/columns. As well as some more functions that would allow one to add, rename and modify sections in your document.

Was going to spend some time on the puzzle last weekend (which would have been the hack (REGEX)) but had to work on a LISP assignment.

What does the JSON structure of a table look like?



Hi everybody,

Great product by the way,

I’m Bart, just another PHP programmer and until now I’ve worked for two startups as a developer.

Outside of work I read books about philosophy, always thinking about my life direction, meditating, browsing the web, every twice a week inside a gym and sometimes having fun with people.

Hope to be able to use Coda to make me more self-aware of my day to day decision and be more organized.



Hi I’m Yao, a PhD student in Informatics at University of California, Irvine. I use Coda for class note taking and it was such a charm that I now have partially abandoned Google docs and Dropbox Paper. I would love to see some ongoing improvement in UI so it helps individuals improve writing experiences. I am hoping to organize my comprehensive exam writings and later different research papers using this platform.



Hi! Thanks for inviting me to join this community, I’m loving the thoughtful intros you’re posting - it’s nice to see all the different use cases you’ve come up with!

I’m Vy, currently I am looking for my next gig, previously I was a program manager/wearer of all the hats at a startup, and freely admit I was an Excel/Google Sheets junkie until I was introduced to Coda. I’m using Coda to track my job applications and it has morphed into a mini-CRM tool for me to manage referral networks and adjacent opportunities. So far I’ve used it for everything from managing a personal Python project and logging my snow survey results to collaboratively helping my friend select wedding vendors.

When not at my computer, you can find me helping people with disabilities learn horsemanship and riding, ski mountaineering, fly fishing, and playing games on Xbox.



Hey Ayo! It’s Angie from the Phenomenal 18 group. How has your Coda experience been? Any tips?



Good day Coda family and friends!

I’m Chris, most recently a Product Strategist at Google and now exploring what’s next.

As an avid hiker and backpacker, my first Coda project was to build a stub app to streamline gear selection for my next great adventure, tracking weight differential between different pack configurations. It took far less time and fewer lines of code (zero to be exact) than the prototype I created in Google Sheets.

Happy to be on the trail with everyone!



Hi Chris, happy to meet another hiker and avid backpacker! If you wouldn’t ming sharing your Coda doc with me at some point I’d love it. I am always looking for new trails, revisiting old trails and trying to shed/balance weight ( in my pack).
Excited to have you here!



Just shared my doc with you Mallika. Thanks for your interest!



Hi Codaers!

I’m Juan, a gray-bearded anthropologist who do research for a living. I work for big names such as utility companies here in Spain, and also for software development companies and customers. Indeed, one of my main fields is UX in its broadest and most humane and cultural sense. As an old geek who does participant observation in actual environments, I love to test and discuss with users about how they experience apps and appliances.

One of my main results are reports, and I need spreadsheets as basic tools for a wide range of operations. When I read about Coda, I thought that it was enough promisory to invest a sizable amount on time in testing and reading about it.

I am using it in actual projects, and I can say already that it has a great potential. For instance, the most simple information architecture of coda (documents > folders > sections and documents merging with tables) is ridiculously flexible and powerful. It’s very convenient for maintaining information well-arranged and accesible.

Besides, building and adapting a permanently updated scorecard is very convenient, so convenient that I build once and again formulas in the middle of texts just as queries. Such scorecards are already useful for my team as improved tools for quick reviewing project progress.

I’m totally convinced that I’m just grasping a tiny part of Coda’s actual case use set. It’s flexibility demands you to review deeply some of your basic concepts, like “what’s really a spreadsheet? Does it need to be like a battleship game?”, “what’s a document? Can it be more than a digital version of a paper one?”, etc. But if you fly enough high to review your concepts as needed, then a field of possibilities open in front of you as colored as the fields in my neighbourhood, after an entire month of raining. Raining in Madrid for a month, go figure…

However, I’m wondering how or when it be possible to define variables for calculating formulas. In a Battleship spreadsheet, you define an specific cell as a value from which other cells can refer as part of its own functions such as prices, lenghts, etc. Of course, a change in its value affects every other cell which refers it. I’m still not sure if there is a workaround for doing that or if something like a variable is going to be implemented.

Nevertheless, for all of us and specially for codaers it’s a promising voyage. I’m eager to explore all its possibilities and the next functionalities!



Hi Juan, happy to see you here. Was in Spain last week and I hope I left some California sunshine there!

You are doing some pretty impressive stuff with Coda and it is delightful to see it being used in actual projects.

Have you looked at Named formulas? Might be something that will help you.


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Actuality I named a formula past week (shortly after my presentation) which saved the dollar-euro rating as a constant. A good starting for that

Next step would be to get and update values from external sources, like conversion rates or other metrics. As coda is so nice for balanced scoreboards, it would improve even more for that chapter

Besides, I find more and more useful the views of main tables. For instance, I maintain a quite broad main table and then I reduce verbose columns to a certain width, and I create a view of such verbose columns in other part, plenty of space for reading and editing. For instance, abstracta of email threads or of meetings



Hi Everyone - I am Ubaid based out of the so called “Crypto Valley” i.e. Zug, Switzerland. I am using Coda to run a few parts of my startup and so far I am enjoying it very much!
I have a background in applied mathematics and finance, with 10 years experience of working in Swiss banking and private markets investments industry. I enjoy investments and like to use technology to make this efficient, so I am glad I am early user of Coda.



Hi all, TJ here. I’ve been playing with Coda for about a month or so … so powerful, love it! I’m trying to focus on learning as much as I can on how to use it, then I’ll figure out when/where I’ll use it. Was recently pointed to this community by a fellow Coda user (and the person who gave me the invite) on Facebook; so thanks for the great resource!

I’m a “cyber security” guy. I’ve been a developer, system engineer, SharePoint admin/evangelist, security assessor, and now the lead for the risk management department for my customer. I enjoy productivity stuff and have recently (within the last year) really started making a system that works for me.