Welcome to the Coda Community!


Good job @evan. :+1:

Really excited for this, thanks for putting it together, Coda team!

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I work on Product & Sales at a SaaS Business Platform for SMBs called www.accelo.com.

My favorite Coda docs help us manage the go to market for new features and coordination of our bi-weekly Best Practices Webinars, and it’s been amazing!

I made a video outlining how we do it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8nQ3thY-YTM



Hi @John_Scrugham - Loved your video and how it showcase both a great process you have and Coda! @maria tracks our Webinars is a similar doc and I am sure she will be delighted to see this. Sharing it internally with the team!



Hey Alex, I work for a SaaS platform and I used coda for an integration project with a 3rd party software vendor. It worked really well for documentation, roles & responsibilities, bug tracking, user stories, and issue due dates.

Funny enough, the most valuable part was that coda gave clarity to the relationship going south. We were able to point to things frequently running late from their team when we had done our side of the work :slight_smile: It led to a few tough conversations, and we quickly found out that they weren’t willing to invest the time and energy to making the integration happen. I wish we had had that conversation much much sooner, but coda saved us from more wasted time (and we got far enough along to launch an MVP).

P.S. I love asana too.



Hi All,

I’m Eli, a Product Manager who recently moved from the US to India to work at an EdTech startup called Unacademy. This is my first time building products without JIRA, which is both exciting and challenging as I love the flexibility and customization Coda encourages, but have a lot of tried and true practices from JIRA that I miss being ready out of the gate. Am curious to hear how other Coda users have made the transition from JIRA, as well as how Coda can help increase efficiency for a very fast moving team of about 30 PMs, designers, engineers and testers. To date my team and I have mainly used the Product Sprint Tracker template, however once we leave sprint planning we often forget to check or update Coda until the end of the sprint. Also, we have started using Coda to write and store our product documentation, as well as a simple table to log and track bugs. Would be great to hear more about how QA teams use Coda. Best,




Hi guys.

I’m a passionate game designer who loves order more than chaos and likes to have his tools work just as he’d like them to. Yeah, not easy to please me, though Coda is doing fantastic so far.

I love to toy with all kinds of management systems and being able to merge a few other tools inside Coda is pretty impressive so far. Oh, and I can’t wait to see a roadmap where we can upvote our favorite features :slight_smile:



Hi All, I am a software professional and have been just been using Coda for the past week and love it. The design and interface are really impressive.



Hi everyone!
Great to be in on the Coda beta, and stoked to be part of this community.
That said, I’m still getting my toes wet with using Coda.
Hoping it can be useful in integrating data from other apps, or making that data more useful.
Not a coder (yet) but that won’t stop me.
End use likely to involve one or more of reporting, project management, document organisation, or something else that has not occurred to me yet.
Love what I have seen of Coda but seriously interested in learning what others are using it for, and if those use cases might be applicable to our needs.



Hello from Roanoke, VA.

I’m Dennis, a project manager at the leading healthcare organization in the Roanoke Valley. My passion is on simple living both on and off the clock.

Having worked in a number of highly regulated industries,I’ve found that there is no end to the amount of documentation that well meaning colleagues impose on each other under the veil of progress. I’m most interested in the disruptive nature of Coda and the potential that it has for teams to collaborate in new ways.

Since many of my team mates are not always comfortable with computers, I’m looking for the lightest possible tools that can be quickly adapted to imperfect workflows. Spreadsheets are king here so leveraging that information through views and formulas is a really smart way to go.

My first impressions of Coda have been positive and I’m looking forward to learning more about this tremendous service.





I can’t believe how awe-inspiring Coda is!

My professional passion is storytelling in marketing. I’ve been tinkering with my Coda docs for a few days to understand how I could integrate it into my daily routine. The possibilities are overwhelming and I haven’t even started checking Zapier integrations.

I am currently building a doc to manage a project to launch a new Artist. Looking forward to share and learn from everyone in the community.



Hi Coda Community,

I just started with coda and let It is mind blowing!

I created already some documentation and find it brilliant to create the reporting etc. just within one document. Create work!!

I am still struggling a little bit with some points you may know from excel if you want to combine multiple tables but I think we can discuss this in a different thread.

I am happy to be part of this beta test! THX



Nice to have you here @Thomas_Hebes !

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Hi everyone! Real excited to be a part of this group :slight_smile:

A bit about me - I live in DC and am getting a masters in public administration. I found Coda while doing some digging for the perfect recipe and calorie tracker. Finding none that I liked, I thought I’d try building one on Coda! It is going well so far and I can’t wait to share what I have so far/ask questions. I don’t have a background in coding but I just love to learn about this stuff whenever I can, so if anyone has suggestions, I am always open to them!



Welcome @Daniel_Emirkhanian - most of us here are just that. People that like to learn and build :slight_smile:
Do share your tracker when you feel ready - I am excited to see it.



Hey all,

I’m a CAD Designer and wanna-be-entrepreneur but what I use CODA for is writing. Specifically I’m writing a fantasy story and building my own world from the ground up (attempting to channel my inner Tolkien) for my friends to explore as a D&D campaign (Going full nerd now!). I’m fairly new to this so it has been a fascinating writing exercise, I spend a lot of time writing content ahead of time but when the story unfolds I have to improvise in the moment and allow 5 other people to be editors, writers and characters all at the same time.

As a 30-something year old with a full time job, a wife and 2 kids, it’s nice to be able to work on the project in all it’s many facets as the inspiration hits me and as time allows. Coda works pretty well for this, I can organize all my thoughts into categories and tables and link them together so I can hop from one bit of information to another quickly.

I’d love to see an android app but using it in chrome works just fine. Also, I’d like some more text and document customization and a ‘Dark Mode’.





Hi @Stephen_Heyden, Welcome, We are excited to have you here. Hope you have checked out this Dungeons and Dragons Template and get to meet the others D&D aficionado here.
I have gone ahead and added your requests to our tracker.

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Hello! I’m Venessa. Thanks to Coda, I’m able to keep everything updated and organized for my team. I’m a producer in Animation studio :slight_smile: Looking forward to use Coda for more things in the future.



I’m David, working in a small engineering company who are stuck in the spreadsheet world.

I’m a former software developer having worked at a number of bluechip technology companies, but now find myself in a completely different environment trying to bring a very small business (< 20 people) into the world of data management.

I would guess Coda’s initial target market is going to be businesses just like ours - stuck in spreadsheet land. Most of those businesses aren’t going to find Coda, because they aren’t looking - unless someone in the business has a ‘geek’ side to them and want to introduce Coda to the rest of the company.

I’m in precisely this position now and have discovered the following concerns:

  • Excel feels ‘safe’ because it’s long established and people understand where there data is. Coda is new, and in the cloud - which raises a lot of worries about Coda shutting down in the future and how data can be safely backed up. I know there are some basic ways to back up, but it needs to be a little stronger

  • There needs to be some provision for permissions / user levels so that certain tables can only be viewed by certain users. Right now, Coda documents still feel very ‘personal’ to one use (even though they can be shared)

  • Cross document linking would be a really nice feature

  • Cross browser support would be good

  • Form design could be better. The simplicity right now is a good thing, and I don’t think complex form design is necessary, but some basic field grouping with coloured areas would really help to make forms with many fields easier on the eye.

  • The ‘X’ icon on most data entry dialogs is a real issue. Most of the people in my company have found this to be un-intuitive and would have preferred a formal ‘save’ button.



Welcome @David_Clegg, thanks for introducing yourself! Many businesses do indeed discover Coda since they are looking for alternative solutions to spreadsheets. We actually have a category in the forum just about getting out of spreadsheets and Excel.

Appreciate the feedback as well! In the future, it would be great to have these posted in the Suggestion Box, but I’ll try my best to address some of your concerns::

You can always export your data at any time, but would love to get your thoughts about other backup solutions that you would like to see (feel free to post in the Suggestion Box!).

This is something we are actively working on, stay tuned for updates in the near future.

One way many users have linked their docs together is using the API. While it does take a little more development work, you can customize the syncing any way you please.

On the roadmap!

You could use a custom Layout on the row detail to create a “form” that is more aesthetically pleasing. While you can’t define colors yet, you can edit the number of columns, text size, and more.

One workaround I posted in the community involves using the OpenWindow function, give it a try!



Yes, but it’s currently once a day only and it’s a manual process. It might be nice to automate this in some way.

I think this is a great feature for developers, but an API is beyond the capability of most end users. I think you have to remember that whilst right now, a lot of people coming to Coda might be quite technical, this won’t always be the case. A large number of users won’t even know what API means.

That’s the ‘Form’ component that still needs work. I don’t think it needs to try and become a fully fledged form designer, but it still needs some work to make a truly aesthetically pleasing data input experience.

That really is a temporary fix (imo) and kinda flies in the face of a good UI. If users are needing a button to ‘edit’ a row, then the native GUI to edit the row needs improvement. Once the window is opened, there is no getting round the ‘X’ button confusing users. Every user I tried with (a small sample admittedly) all assumed it would mean cancel the current edit.
The workaround is ok - but a ‘workaround’ is an indication of an obstacle for users.