Welcome to the Coda Community!

Hey, just signed-up with a major goal being to move from JIRA to Coda, all in! Would be very glad to hear a bit how you are getting on. My team is small, in fact I am retooling my engineering after a company pivot, and one reason I’m trying to move to Coda is that I don’t have much going on now (we run automated classified ad sites) so the opportunity is good. A major factor for us was even though Confluence and Jira had some good linking capabilities, Confluence was so bad as a text editor, and Jira so complex, we were finding ourselves outside of both frequently, for example writing requirements via rows in spreadsheets, since the closest way to do this in Confluence was use its tables, which are absolutely a pain to work with.

Thanks and take care.


Hi Everyone! I’m a content creator and co-owner of the Youtube channel “Charmed Life” a lifestyle and travel vlog that I run with my identical twin sister. I’m primarily using Coda to streamline my team’s work flow and have one place for everything CL. I love that Coda links with Google Drive as I already had that as our home base and I also love that Coda allows me to have to-do lists, calendars, content lists, polls, and other free spaces to grow. I would love to see more templates, maybe a drag and drop template selector or something like that for people who aren’t very formula savvy (me). The first time I started using Coda I was hooked, so keep up the great work!


Hello Coda crew :wave:

I’m Oscar. I’m a product consultant/coach in Paris.
If you’re in Paris or in Lille, we should meet-up to grab a beer sometime :beers:
@tomavatars @Guy_LB
Looking forward to exploring Coda possibilities with you guys,



Hi @Oscar_Lefebvre ! I love beer so yes ! I’ll be in Lille for the Game Camp France from the 23 to the 25 of june :slight_smile:


Hello Coda Community !

First of all I would like to thank the team for this amazing tool, I just started to use it but already love it !!!

Beside this, I’m a motion designer based in Switzerland, and I will implement Coda in our Agency to speed up our workflow and level up our Project mangement !

Looking forward to read you all and get better !


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I’ll be in Paris that we :see_no_evil:

Would love to know if you guys meet up! Let me know if you get some plans going.

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Hi, I’m Jim. I don’t have any programming experience beyond BASIC in high school, but Coda looks extraordinarily attractive and I want to see if I can learn to make an electronic medical record with it.

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Hi there , this is Gabriel from Argentina, Buenos Aires .

I am deeply impressed about Coda potentials and functions. I actually work as business process Consultant and for long years I have worked for big and small companies around the world.

I have tried and still trying to get the most from some other tools like Coda – sorry , nothing compares to Coda! , just for context - may be Ragic , but so far – :wink:

I would like to promote this product among my customers, but such capabilities have to be related with a price plan, so waiting for this I will stand for testing and creating my POCs.

In the meantime you will have all my support and collaboration - including my Spanish support - to spread the world of Coda on Latin America communities –

Thanks for your support !.

Best Regards

Gabriel Scaramelli


Hey all! I’m Benny Lewis and I run Fluent in 3 Months, the world’s largest language learning blog, as well as the social media channels (YouTube, twitter etc.) related to it.

Even though I make content related to language learning, my background is originally in electronic engineering, so data science and relational databases has always been something I’ve used in one form or another, and have started to formalize it more in recent years.

Coda is blowing my mind in terms of its potential from the little I’ve seen of it so far, and I expect it to very quickly become one of my main tools for so many purposes (both personal and business related)! I see there are NY meetups and look forward to seeing some people there!


@John_Scrugham I am trying to implement your OKR sheet. I have updated the Objectives and Key results section. For some reason not all objectives and key results are showing on the OKR roadmap page. Any idea what could be going on? Do I need to refresh the tables somewhere to show the results?

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Hello Coda Community! I was introduced to Coda some time ago, but recently have made a conscious effort to really get to know and use it.

Looking forward to learning and contributing.


Find me on LinkedIn


I am very glad to come Coda Community! I was introduced by my colleagues.
I hope to learn more efficient tools in the coda community to improve my office efficiency


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Glad you found the OKRs + Epics template.

Are you still experiencing issues? If so, feel free to share with support@coda.io and personally message me. I can take a look. Thank you!

Another New Yorker here. Look forward to meeting you @Benny_Lewis!
Hopefully we’ll have another Meetup soon.
@Al_Chen_Coda usually puts them together.

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