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:confetti_ball: You made it - Week 2!

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Last week we focused on tracking things :ballot_box_with_check: - this week we’ll focus on tracking people :woman_office_worker: with a CRM.

:floppy_disk: Download the template here.

:question:Just like last week, add your questions or fun tricks you’ve developed here for the group. We’re here for you!

:gift: Congratulations to our winner from last week, @Victor_Garcia! And, we’ve got more prizes! This week, for those of you who post a picture of your completed template, we’ll add you to a drawing for a blog post about your business.

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I have got my Task tracker setup with start dates and due dates. But many of the tasks are dependent on other tasks to finish first. Is there a way to link tasks, establish dependencies as we do in MS Project? Without dependencies when there is a change in one date you have to review other tasks find those that need changing too which takes away the fun of tracking and managing the project.



Hi there, great template to start with! Loved the automation feature of coda to add a “create tasks” automatically. I.e. every time I add a Co or a Contact it creates a task for new leads or when a stage in the deal pipeline changes it adds a task to prepare demo/quotes/contracts.

Now I have the following challenge: I see I can add a “Twilio pack” and use it for sending text msg.
Who do I create a btn to call(Contact)?



Hey @Ronak_Ahir you can definitely set up task dependencies in Coda! Check out this help article for more details.



To help with my understanding, I have tried to build the template in a new document, so I understand how all the formula works.

However, I’m stuck trying to find out how this formula works Contacts.Filter(Company=thisRow.Company) in the Contacts column in the Activities table. It seems to be linking from another table.

I copied the exact same formula in my own document and the error it gives me is;

Would really appreciate some pointers!



Hi @bastimori - if I’m understanding your question, the process you’ll follow is:

  1. Add the Twilio pack to your doc (use your Twilio credentials during installation)
  2. Add a column for the phone numbers of your contacts
  3. Add a Twillio button column
  4. When you set up the button, you’ll be able to call on the phone number column for texting

Hope that helps!



Hi Ju-Vern,

You’re right about the linking to another table. For the template, the Company column is what we call a lookup column that is creating a dropdown menu from the Companies table.

So, when you add your formula to a new doc, it won’t work because the “Companies” table is not in your new doc. Let me know if that makes sense!




That worked! Thanks :slight_smile: I think I’m still trying to get my ahead around how Coda formula works having been too used to the world of Excel. But I’m loving it.



Hi There,

I was wondering if there is a way to make a button that adds a row onto the table but only gives you the option to enter information into some of the columns with the other ones being left blank?

Thanks so much,



@Nick_Storrs yes - if you open a row and click the pencil in the top right, you can edit the layout of the row pop up. Try scrolling through some of the preset layouts. You can also drag columns to the “hidden columns” section at the bottom.



@Ronak_Ahir FYI I just added a task dependency template to the gallery. Hope it helps! :slight_smile: