Welcome to Week 3!


:mantelpiece_clock: Whew! Time flies when you’re making docs. We hope you enjoyed the extra time to raise a glass of champagne to 2019.To start the year off, we’ll focus on our finance and invoice template.

:floppy_disk: Download the template here.

:question:You’re a pro at this by now, but remember to post your questions and tips here so we can celebrate successes and support each other.

:gift: Of course we have prizes for you too. This week? A blog post about your business!

:checkered_flag: Onward!

Learn more about lookups here

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Great template @maria !

Question: In the Layouts editor, how do you create these “sub-blocks,” for lack of a better term?



Excellent question, Ander! The sub-blocks or zones are created using the Quickstyle you see along the right side of the popup. Play around and see which one you like best! You can also drag and drop items next to those zones to create a third column, etc. Hope that helps!

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@maria So there are preset options for this, but not custom freestyling, is that correct?



There is a bit of custom freestyling within the layouts. Here’s a quick gif of me taking a quickstyle and adjusting: