What does "column format" means in "Analyze calculations"?

I was optimizing my doc with the “Analyze calculations” and I noticed something odd.
Alongside time measurements for formulas, there are also grayed-out entries ending with “column format”. (And the most resource intensive “formula” in my doc is at the moment this “column format”)

What do they mean?
And what are some tip for optimizing them?

Date and Time values are stored as a number (Epoch Time), but can be displayed in many different ways. What you see is probably the process of converting that number into a human-readable format.

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So what you are saying is that this is the time it takes to convert from the formula result into a user-friendly format?

That would make sense, while I don’t have date or time values in this column, there are buttons inside of a select inside of a button…

Thanks for your help!