What is "reactivate account"?

Hello, community! I’ve already wrote to support and got one answer, but now they seems to be on holidays, and my work is stuck :frowning:

I have recently moved from domain-based Google account to standard Google account. Before this procedure I have granted access for document from one account to another. But after removing domain-based account this document requests permission. The permission request, though, still arrives to my domain-based email which now is outside of Google system. And I am still have Coda file in my Google Drive, which I also moved, but can’t open it.

Tech support responds me with this message:

Granting access to a file does not change ownership. Since the account was deleted from Google’s viewpoint, it likely has no ACL any longer. To fix this, the customer will need to re-activate his old account and change ownership of the file to his new account.

What is reactivate account? How can I do this? Previous domain-based email address is still mine and works, but now its not a part of Google account. And Coda haven’t an option such as login with email and password, only with Google account, which now has new email address. What should I do?

The problem was solved with Coda’s support, thanks.