When copying the Date Widget, the date does not update properly

Our team uses a brief summary of the work done by the support person. That summary starts with a date in the Widget Date you offer.

When it is my turn, I copy/paste the previous person’s page and change the date in “my” widget… and other people on the team looking at the date widget see some date from before. If they fix it, then it shows up as the correct date to them, but nobody else.

So it somehow looks like the content of a date widget is specific to the user setting up that widget instead of being one date for everybody. It is not because people keep a Coda page open. i.e. if I close everything, someone else does copy/paste/fix their widget to the correct date, then I load that page, it’s the wrong date to me.

These widgets (called controls in Coda) actually have two settings

Collaborative and Personal

Controls set to collaborative show the same date to every person - whatever date was last selected.

Personal controls are personal! Meaning what you select/set the date to does not affect nor is it viewable by any others.

Sounds like your date controls are set to personal (as this is the default when you create any controls)

To set it to collaborative, right click on the dat control to open its options and change it there