Which formulas would you like to learn more about?

The Coda formula language is incredibly powerful and can help turn docs into apps. There are 100s of components you can work with, and to help our makers get more out of the language, we’ve started hosting a series of events called Formula Fitness . These sessions go through a series of exercises increasing in difficulty to explore how these formula components can come together.

We want to hear from you! Which formula would you like to learn more about?

Cast your vote and watch past sessions here - https://coda.io/@maria-marquis/learn-the-coda-formula-language


FormulaMap, ListCombine, Regex, WhitName are some that come to mind right away :slight_smile:


CurrentValue. It’s not a formula but it’s everywhere. You can’t use filter() without it, for example. It’s barely mentioned in Coda’s website

Table.first() or Table.last()

Find() and Nth() together

WithName and FormulaMap are my top 2 votes :+1:


FormulaMap() and WithName() :blush:


Dear Maria,

Thanks questioning this, as you know I am a great fan of the formula fitness series.

This post from Paul is another good example of how being creative with formulas can open new doors.

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I voted by liking 2 of the posts above. Thank you for the fantastic Formula Fitness series.