Why do checkboxes need actions like buttons?

Hi Awesome team,
Well, I think the title is self-explanatory.
When I tick a checkbox I may need an action too (change the status of some columns, run some powerful formulas, etc).
I know we have automations now, but it seems cumbersome for doing that and it’s asynchronous (it takes seconds to apply rules).

The the request is pretty simple:
When I right-click on a checkbox I would like to associate actions so when I tick it, they will run! like Buttons do!

Do you agree? :slight_smile:
To create a picture in your mind, think of Tasks… It’s more natural to have a checkbox for completing the task rather than a Button named “DONE” :slight_smile:


A checkbox is a boolean value, just a data type that holds a value. The button has extra code behind it that calls an action to run something. So we end up a little stuck if every checkbox is meant to run an action, it makes the simple check box overpowered and not as usable. So they are split to buttons and checkboxes.

I’ve used this hack to get a checkbox feel but have it be a button.

Button Label:

If(thisRow.[This Check]=True(),"✅","⬜️")

Column Value to Update:

If(thisRow.[This Check]=True(),False(),True())

It’s pretty cool that it toggles in place but opens up button functionality if I need it to.

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Hi Ben Lee,
Thanks for the answer!
Nice trick :slight_smile:
BTW, I think that if you make the actions for checkboxes as just an option (and not something mandatory) then you’ll have:

  • Stupid Checkboxes that acts like boolean. That’s it
  • Possibility to optionally perform actions (like buttons do): So checkbocks will turn into Smart Checkboxes

Problem solved for everybody :slight_smile:

I was suggesting this cause in my mind a checkbox means something closed/done, a change of a status etc… and this may determine different actions (update status of other columns etc…)

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That’s a very good point!

I’ll pass it along and see if it catches momentum. And you’re right, I’m usually adding check boxes so that a button can work with them, so it would be a point of consolidation.