Workaround for Flicker Generated by Cycling Rapidly Through Images

I am making a workout tracker for someone, and I want to make a timelapse ‘video’ of the progress images of the person. See this video for how it works.

The issue is I get a split second of the placeholder image before the real one loads in. I’m trying to figure out how to get around this,but I don’t know…

My first idea was to use @Paul_Danyliuk 's Edit Images pack to composite two images together at slightly different timings to make it seemless, however with pack latency, I wouldn’t be able to cycle through images as fast as in the video.

Ideas are appreciated!

I don’t think you can avoid the flicker unless you somehow render the whole sequence into a single file. No immediate ideas unfortunately: gif is gonna be huge, and making it into a video is impossible on just the packs infrastructure (I don’t know of any viable pure JS video processing library; most are just wrappers for ffmpeg and packs can’t run binary dependencies). And SVG won’t load external images IIRC.

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