Zapier is not able to read Document data

Hi everyone!

This is the first time using Coda, so the question might be a silly one :slight_smile:

The thing is that I created a Coda doc with a table to host information about books. I would like to give people the opportunity to add new books by title + author and then use Zapier to automatically connect to Google Docs via webhook and retrieve additional data such as publication date and the bookcover.

For this, I have create a new API Token using the document link. [1]

Then I went to Zapier and connected to my account, added the token from Coda and started creating the Zap [2]

When I want to select the Document and Table, however, Zapier throws the following errors: [3]
We’re having trouble loading ‘Document’ data

Could anyone point me to what I might be missing or doing wrong?

Thanks a lot in advance folks!

Hey Marc - welcome to the community. Thank you for posting your question here!

Based on your first screenshot (of the Coda API token), I believe the issue is being caused by the fact that your token is doc-specific. While tokens are typically limited to reading/writing data to a single document or table, Zapier is unique and requires access to all of your documents. Therefore, you’ll need to create a new API token with no restrictions (in other words, doesn’t point to a specific doc) to solve this issue. You can create a new token at Your new token should look similar to the one in my screenshot (note that the “Doc or table to grant access to” field is left blank).

If this doesn’t resolve your issue, definitely let us know here!

Hi Lena,

Yeaah, now it works! Thanks a lot for your help! :pray: