I am a freelance Automation Consultant specialised in Coda. I support SME by helping them creating complex business cases to predict and forecast. However most of the time I automate processes to harvest data and keep it aligned afterwards. I believe that tools like will reshape the way many companies operate today.

I am specialised in:

  1. Integrations between Paperform & Coda via Zapier
  2. Integrations betweeen Mailjet & Coda via Zapier
  3. Database management via advanced filtering and cross doc logic
  4. Calculations in complex business cases
  5. Date and time based logics

I write on Medium about Coda almost every week, I do that in Dutch and sometimes in English when I consider the subject relevant to many, like this one..

Feel free to reach out. When I have time I check the community to see if there is something I might help with.