3rd party libraries that fetch

Just checking - there’s still no way to use 3rd party npm libraries that fetch data from remote sources, right? All requests have to flow through context.fetcher.fetch?

Currently standing up a one-line serverless function just to return the output of one of these 3rd party libraries, and wondering if there’s a way to keep it all inside the Pack instead.

What’s bad about fetcher? I haven’t yet found any issues with it that would turn me to 3rd party request libraries.

Are you working with some non-HTTP protocols?

I’m trying to scrape iCloud Shared Albums with GitHub - ghostops/ICloud-Shared-Album: ICloud Shared Album is a library for scraping data off public icloud shared albums.

The source doesn’t seem complicated; could just copy-paste it in your pack and replace axios with fetcher.

(by copy-paste I mean, of course, mindful bringing over, not literally copy-pasting :slightly_smiling_face:)

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Yeah would be nice to just be able to instantly piggyback on top of any fixes they implement, but maybe you’re right that that’s the best approach.