A Formula to Find the favorite Value of a List-Column

For Example if i have a list of Applications with a column for the platforms they support (Windows, MacOs) i would like to find out wich s the most supported plattform.

Hi @Stephan_Graf,

Something like this?

Let me know if it helps.

hi federico

Thanks so much for your answer and the example doc.
I found an even easier way wich doesn’t require any additional columns: mode(ListCombine(Apps.[Supported OSs]))
The mode formula was what i was looking for, but i didn’t know it was called mode. the formula reference could be better. Because i googled many different combinations of “most frequent element in column” and couldn’t find the mode formula.
Anyways thanks again for the reply.
Best regards

Hi @Stephan_Graf,
I now realise what you actually needed: great that you found out an even better solution (and thanks for sharing it).

I agree, formula reference could be improved: feel free to give some suggestion about it.