Accesing Coda doc tables in a pack

Is there a way to run an automation within a pack and refer a Coda doc table within a packs?

I want to build a few custom button that will query members from the member table and add them in campaign members table. I know this can be using Push buttons but wanted to know if I can enable this as a pack formula that I can use across different docs. Since it will have input parameters as the table names and selection criteria.

Yeah! Should be possible based off what I’m reading - you’ll just have to follow it and build it using Codas API

I have been going thru the docs but I do not see a way to reference a table in the doc

like var campName =lookup(Campaigns,Campaigns.Name,Campaigns.Name=“Campaign 1”)

Can you post a link to the api docs that references CRUD operations on the doc tables