Add an IfNotBlank() formula

There is no IfNotBlank() formula. Which is a problem because IfBlank().Not() does not have the same functionality as IfBlank().

X.IfBlank(value) will return value if X is blank. X.IfBlank().Not(value) is just an error.

Hey @Connor_McCormick are you familiar with IsBlank()'s brother, IsNotBlank()? Pair this with if() :: if(isblank(),true,false) or if(isnotblank(),true,false)

Does that get you there?

Yeah of course, but the benefit of IsBlank is you can pop it onto the end of a long complex formula in order to override the normal behavior if the result happens to come back blank. I want that but the inverse.


    MyTable.Filter(Quantity > 3).Components.isNotBlank(),  
    MyTable.Filter(Quantity > 3).Components, 

is much uglier than

MyTable.Filter(Quantity > 3).Components.IfNotBlank(thisRow)