Add API URL as Pack Settings Paramater


Working on my first pack and would like to add a parameter in the pack settings for the API URL I’m working with rather than hard code it in. The API is open so OAuth isn’t required to access it. Need a way for other users to insert their account URL when added to their docs and rather than have to pass it into each formula would prefer to be able to paste it in once and have it work across all formulas and the sync table.

Any suggestions on how to add a custom field to the pack ‘Settings’ for the URL variable?


If it’s across the whole account (and not just a specific sync table), I’d approach it with Custom Auth Tokens.

While as you say, what you’re looking for isn’t really auth per se, auth (with Custom Tokens) is the best way I know to gather Pack-level config from a user.


@Alix_Cave1 - Unfortunately it isn’t possible at the moment to have any doc-wide settings or state for a Pack. As @Nick_HE indicated, the closest you can get is by using a connected account with one of our authentication mechanisms. This may actually be a better solution in some ways, since it would allow the same doc to use multiple account URLs, if needed.

Will your Pack be making requests to these URLs, or just passing them in an API request as a parameter?


I’ll give that a look, thanks!

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As of now it’s just to pass the parameter, though in the near future I’d like to see if their end allows for more varied requests than just reading to sync.

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