Add new column to existing table via API


I tried to add a new row to an existing table within a doc
I also tried to a update a specific row of table within a doc
When i supply column-id of existing columns in the table, the request succed
I am looking for a method to add dynamically new column to existing table
Is this something possible with the current version of the API , or i must have the column first within the table ?


Dear @Yassine_Lasri, welcome to the community :+1:

As far as I am informed it’s not possible to add a new column through the API.

Not sure, if possible, but when you create a hidden column, it might be possible to un-hide throught the API

:bulb: I have to be honest, that I do not have enough competence on this subject and maybe somebody more experienced on this subject is willing to back us up

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@Jean_Pierre_Traets is correct, you cannot create a new column from the API.


Thanks for your feedback