Add new row to to table when a doc editor adds a row

I have a book club doc and all the users in the doc can submit a book to the list of all the books to read. When a user submits their first book I would like their name added to a list in a different table. I have a people column that populates who created the row (or entry).
I see the When Row Changed trigger for the automation but I can’t figure out the automation step 2 if formula.

Something along the lines of thisRow.[Step 1 Result].filter([Recommended By],CurrentValue)

But I can tell I am fairly lost and I think it’s because I dont understand how I need to structure it to take a specific value in a cell and confirm that it is the only value in that row.

Any suggestions?

Hi @Keith_Kolomichuk

here is a proposal, there is probably more efficient, but I tried to go step by step for you to understand.

I’ve got three tables :

  • a Book submitted table, where your users submits their book
  • a submiter list, with all people who have already submited once

  • a Last SubmissionTracker, that will show the very last book submitted, and the people who submitted it as well, using a lookup column to BookSubmitted with the formula BookSubmitted.Last(), and the last submitter is an automatic referenced by. Finally, I check if the last submiter exists in the submiter list :

Each time you submit a book in Book Submitted, The LastSubmissionTracker will update, such as :

Then, I suggest to track this table, with this automation

  1. Check if the unique row of LastSubmissionTracker has changed
  2. if the checkbox “exist” is false, this is the first time that your user submit a doc, then continue to …
  3. Create a new Row in submiter list with the name of this user

In this example, Obiwan Kenobi has already submited. I, as Quentin, submit my first book. If i launch the automation (that will be automatic of course later :wink: ) it creates my name in the submiter list. When I submit my second book, it (logically) doesnt.

CPT2212032233-1651x795 (1)

Please play with the doc and tell me what you think



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This was great! thank you that is exactly what I was looking for and it worked perfectly.

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Great @Keith_Kolomichuk ! Awesome it fit your needs then. Let me know for any further questions you may have

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