Add value of cell to another cell

Hi community,

How can i add the value in column “new value” to column “all values”, every time i modify “new value”?

The Doc:

Hi @Isebar_DE,

Basically, there are two solutions for you:

  1. Using a button (my recommendation)
  2. Using an automation

For the modification, you can use the ListCombine() formula, but this is definitely not the best method as you have to manually add the newly added values ​​to the select list.

If anyone else has a different approach, I would be grateful to share it.


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@Jannis thanks once again! Since i need many, don’t wnt to do it via automation yet. Button method is ok. If anyone has a better idea, please let me know.

Your sample has a problem that looks like the issues in your other doc: different types of values in your columns. Assuming you don’t want duplicates, I put an automation in your doc to react on new entries in the column new value. I made the column a relation column - if you want a new item, you need to add it to your values table, which is straight forward as coda makes the suggestion to add it while entering the New Value.
Th column All Values is a select list - just to show you what is possible. It could have been a text field, which can hold objects too.
You can use the solution I show in your other doc to not allow any value that’s already in the other column.
The changes are in your document.

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Thanks. For now i keep the button method, but doing it via automation will be the next step.

Hey @Jannis , I just figured, that there is an issue:

The first column is not a multi select list. So there is always only one value selected.

Now when i press the button, the other values in the “All Values” column get deleted.

But it should add the new value to the existing values.


Hi @Isebar_DE,

I just modified the formula.
Please check if everything is working now as expected.


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Think this is the solution. Thanks mate.

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Okay, great!

Have a nice weekend, @Isebar_DE.

Best regards

Here is a video from Scott of the method I used:

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