Add value to row if lookup number is the same in a different table?

Noob Formula question here if anyone has a suggestion?

I have a large table with about 1,300 rows.

I’m using that table to make a new sub-collection that pulls in items from the large table that have particular characteristics – in this case I’m describing musical items that have a particular dance genre reference based on typed notes from a colleague.

It is very useful to build out the sub-collection in this way (and will be useful for other purposes).

What I’d like to be able to do but not sure how to is to add the “genre” reference back to the original table.

This image is from the sub-collection. I would like it to be that in the main table, that there is a column that looks for a row (a name in the far left column) and if there is a number there, then it will fill in the value in the “genre” column on the far right. If I can get that value to appear in the large table, it will help to sort out the global set of genre values for the large table.

I am not very experienced in formulas but feel like there might be a solution for this??
Many thanks

My corollary is the question of whether all of the options should live in the big table and then I should use filters?? i’m wary of just basically creating a giant sheet since a lot of different people will be creating sub-collections??

Hi Christina

In general I prefer to have a large table with filters. It is just so much simpler.

Yeah, I was coming around to that reality. thanks for the nudge. is there a point where too many columns is too many columns??

I have not encountered that yet… :wink:

There are some examples like an invoice header and line items, where you would generally it split into two tables. But then, SAP in their latest S4/HANA system, has the two concepts in a single table.


I have 30-ish columns in the sheet now, and would probably end up with 60-70 by the time I add in translation columns and then editorial / commentary items. obviously in this case Views and Filters will be key, but it’s a bit unweildly – on the other hand, we’re using this platform for a somewhat unusual purpose so there’s going to be some shoehorning no matter what. Thanks for your advice!

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