Adding pages inside tables possible?

Hello Everyone, I was looking for help a few months ago to set up our lab webpage and was recommended to wait for the Canvas option to become available. I see that is now available, but it is not clear it still meets our needs. Basically we would like to add new experiments, and have these experiments be part of a table. ie. a table of pages, so we can use formulas to read content of pages and create summaries, keyword searches etc. I see that canvas columns allow adding rich-text notes within tables, but do these get saved as pages somewhere? Or is there a way to save the canvas columns as pages and have edits sync between the pages and the canvas column?

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Hi Swamy,

I am a member of the Coda Success Team- we are here to make sure that Coda Makers have all of the tools they need to succeed!

Unfortunately, there is not a way to save canvas columns as pages. From what you are describing, I think this could be solved with each experiment having its own page and table and then have a main table that would bring everything together using lookups- but honestly I would need some more context before making a definitive answer.

I am happy to talk live through what you are looking to do with your doc and provide some guidance. You can access our calendar here to set up a call!


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HI Swamy,

Absolutely make use of the time offered by Tristin.

The below doc illustrates two ways of doing what you are looking for. Once with the canvas, and once with pages.

In the doc I am having a bit of fun with the to-do list, and to showcase some of Coda’s capabilities.

In generation 3 - Meetings of the todo list, the todo list has evolved to collecting info about meetings, creating to-do items and sending minutes. Each meeting is an entry in the Todo list table. Each row has a canvas template. Part of the canvas template is two tables. One of all the attendees, another of al the todo list items.

Both of these are tables in the doc, with views from the canvas. This means that you can see info specific to the meeting in the meeting row, but outside of the canvas, you can also prepare views of e.g. the todo-list: Due the next x days across all meetings/projects, per responsible person, overdues, etc.

The Next generation is where these meetings have now “evolved” into a project. There are templates for different kinds of projects. Because a canvas column can have only a single template (as far as I know) I make use of template pages. When a new project is started, a button is used to create a new page from the relevant template.

Rambling Pete


Thank you, Piet and Tristin. These are lots of interesting ideas proposed already! Let me try to unpack them a bit more (especially Piet’s template pages idea, it is very intriguing) and will post thoughts here.

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