Allow Docs to be usable if they go over the size limit

I understand the size limit, but it’s hard to know when you’re going over the limit with no warnings telling you you’re going to hit it.

Once you hit the limit, your Doc will just stop working with all formulas, even if you delete most of the data. On top of that, you’re completely out of luck restoring functionality within your doc yourself because it takes Coda staff to manually approve your Doc to function normally again.

I wouldn’t have a problem with this, but Coda staff won’t be available until Monday, so I basically have an unusable doc for the next 36 hours, which is rough because I needed this doc to be delivered to someone tonight. :confused:

I can’t even copy the doc over to a new doc because the Copy option is disabled if formulas are disabled.

This is not the “over the limit” I ever experienced. For me it usually was: the API / automations / syncs stopped working but the doc would still load locally.

Can you share the doc with me? I’m just curious to see how that could’ve happened and if there are maybe some quick fixes to it

If you want to DM your email, I can give you access!