And Then()/ Promises?

So, from what I remember in JavaScript, there’s a Then() method that delays a function until another function has run. Is there a way to a way to achieve this in Coda?

For example, if I have two tables with a button on each. I want to press all of buttons on table A, then once that is finished, press all the buttons on table B. Is this already how the Push Buttons works?


Yep, this is already it.

When you use Push Buttons, either set up through the UI menus or as a formula that simply reads Table.ButtonColumn, it implicitly wraps them in RunActions(). And what RunActions() does is makes sure that each action in it runs sequentially (i.e. imagine that every action runs with await).

And in some cases you want the opposite, e.g. create 100 rows and fill them out at once, not one by one. Then you can construct a formula that won’t use RunActions().

Here’s the examples:

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