Any API Way to fetch the Table ID being used in lookup Column?

Hi, I’m trying to make form that interacts with coda into a program for file state and tracking purposes. Is there any API way to fetch what table is being referenced by a lookup column on a known table?

This way I could retrieve the values of the table being looked at, incorporate them into a dropdown menu and have a more seamless and flexible experience.

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Are you just saying that is there a way via the api, for a normal lookup column like the column below, to determine the table-id of its SOURCE table?

So If im fetching the table in the screenshot above and the values of the rows, you want to also know the Table-ID from which the values in the org_part column are sourced?

Thank you for the example, I’ll have to include them in the future. That is correct, in this example I would like to find the table-id of the Source

Hey @Raymond_Siewert, welcome to the Community!

The Columns endpoints (both the single and the batch GET) will include table IDs (and URLs, and some more metadata) for lookup columns.

Additionally, since column formats are not strict in Coda and actual cells may have other data in them (e.g. the column is a lookup from Tasks but for some reason you copy-paste a lookup to Projects into a cell somewhere) table IDs are also included in cell values that you get from the Rows endpoint — you have to use ?valueFormat=rich query param to get values with type and metadata info.

I missed it before, thank you very much!

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