Autofill a value in a cell by checking a column in another table

Hi community,

Functionality needs to be:

Check cell of column red (table 1). If a cell contains a value that exists in column yellow (table 2), than it should automatically be filled out in column green.

Anybody an idea hwo to do this?


Hello @Isebar_DE,

Unfortunately I can’t fully understand what you’re trying to achieve.

Can you describe your desired outcome in more detail?

Please also add some background information. What type of system do you want to create, and how do you want the system to work?

It would also be interesting to know what exactly you mean by value (text values, relation values, etc.).


Yea i am not sure how describe it differently - if one of the values in the yellow column is found in the row of the red column than fill in the value of yellow column in the green column.

Hope this helps

@Jannis maybe this makes it more clear:

Hi @Isebar_DE,

Thank you very much for the further explanation. This helped me a lot to understand what you had in mind.

Please check if that is what you wanted and let me know if you have any more questions.

Please also check out the ContainsText() formula. That is the formula i used to get this working.



I would really appreciate it if you would answer my question or give me any other sign, so this topic can be marked as solved.


Hi @Jannis , thanks a lot for your answer. Yes this solved the issue!

I did forget to answer, because i was searching for a way to mark the topic as solved, then didn’t find any, than forgot to write back.

Is there a way to mark topics as closed for community members?


Hi @Isebar_DE,

okay, great, you’re welcome!

At the moment, there are only specific roles (e.g., Community Champion) that can mark a topic as solved.

Best regards

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