Automated Text By Month

I’ve been trying to figure this out for hours, and it just seems better to go to the community for help.

On the opening section of my doc, I want to display an opening line of text based on the month we are in. I had gotten to a point where I was able to make a table with month and texts as columns (each month has a corresponding line of text). I then created a select dropdown menu with the months as options. What I was hoping is that upon the selection of a month, the corresponding text would appear below, but I’ve been trying every possible formula I’ve thought of and am going around in circles.

Select “April” the text below appears as “April showers”
Select “May” the text below appears as "Bring May Flowers

Preferably, I would rather have it automatically change at the start of each month, but if that isn’t available, the dropdown method is the alternative.

Thank you!

UPDATE: I was able to figure out a solution by creating a view table and filtering it out that way (hiding titles and column names, etc.), but I am sure there is a better way. Thank you!


Here are three additional methods:

  1. Canvas Select Control Method
    *Either I’m missing something, or there appears to be a :bug: ? @mallika

  2. Table Select Workaround Method
    *Play with the dropdown menu in the blue column.

  3. Automated Method

@Ander to project from a Select List you need to use .Value. It is a bug that we need to get to…
[select month].Value.phrase

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