Generate reports with monthly sales

Hey guys! I got a sweet CRM going. Now I’d love to generate monthly sales reports. But I have two challenges:

  1. Create a date formula that updates according to the month, then filter the data in said report showing sales from this month only.
  2. Automate an email that is sent at the start of the month. I don’t see a monthly option in the automations.

Your help would be huge!
Thanks in advanced

I’ve managed to solve challenge #1, auto-updating data based on the current month.

I created a control with date range, and gave that date range a “This Month” parameter:

Then in my filters I used the matches( ) formula to make it work, like so:


It works like a charm.

Still can’t figure out how to generate reports monthly, just using the automation’s weekly option for now…

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I think, for n°2, you could get some inspiration from this doc :wink: .
It’s not exactly what you’re looking for but it might help (well, it’s the first thing that came to my mind reading your post :slight_smile: )

I’ve got a formula though to get the start of the next month which might help with the automation.

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Simple and elegant formula you got there! Thanks for sharing.

I’m guessing it would be some rule where if “next month” = today(), action.

However, EndOfMonth(today()) is changing every day. Wont that rule never trigger because once 11/1/2019 hits, the result of your formula will change to start of next month?

I think that EndOfMonth(Today()) just take the month out of Today() so it shouldn’t change everyday, but for the trigger of the automation, I’m effectively unsure (I don’t use that tool that much) :wink: .
It was all just an idea to play around with :wink:

You could also go with something like this :

And using in the Step 2 of the automation something like this :

Filter([Next Month 2],Months=Today())

What I often do is set up a button that the automation will “push” and set the button to be disabled on all but the desired date (e.g. Disable if Today()!=EndOfMonth(Today()). Then you can set a daily automation, and whenever the button is disabled, it will just skip it.


This is perfect and makes total sense. I didn’t even know automations could be used to trigger buttons. This opens up a world of automation possibilities! Thanks for sharing!

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