Average if - filter does not work


currently I am running a survey.

In my raw data (table name = “Chat feedback”) set I have the column:

In the same table I have the column:

Now I wanted to create a result table to summarize the data (table name = . As the priority is ordinal scale level I wanted to calculate the median by title.

So i tried this:

The formula in filter does not work. I tried it separately in another column and it shows “false”. The columns formats seem to be correct (I basically had the same format constellation in another doc, where it worked).

Can anyone help me? I tried several formulas, but I don’t get the result I want. :sweat_smile:

It’s not a decimal problem is it? Is the answer “3” there or really “3.something” and the decimals are hidden by formatting? Do you need to put a Round() function around the Median()?

I tried Average formula instead…

I really think the filter is the problem…


This screenshot is better…

Edit the filter so it says:

Filter([Title] = [ThisRow].Titel)...

By putting the full table name in you’re comparing a single Title from Chat_feedback with a list of all Titel’s in Feature Survey Data Survey. The formula gives you a hint here because at the end of “Title” is a single “T” icon but at the end of “Titel” there is a stacked icon which means a repeating group of something.

/edit - if that doesn’t work can you share the doc?

@Nick_Milner It did not work

Here is the doc:
Can you pm me your email address? I can’t change the share settings… It fails for some reason.

For others:

The solution was:
[Chat feedback].Filter(Title=thisRow.Titel).Priority.Median()

Thank you @Nick_Milner