Can anyone help with coda REST api row update request

I was trying to get update or insert a coda row using JS. here is my api setup, I was able to read and delete rows. but updating or creating is not working, it says field row missing, even though I am adding exactly as the api documentations says. here is the code ,


async function codaAPI() {

headers = { Authorization: “Bearer MY_API_KEY” };

uri = codaEP + “/tables/grid-l9uFy5DviW/rows/wp2”;

payload = JSON.stringify(


  row: {

    cells: [

      { column: "c-QIUwcwnXQW", value: "Get groceries from Whole Foods" },





const response = await fetch(uri, {

method: "PUT",

headers: headers,

json: payload,


const data = await response.json();

if (data.status === “error”) alert(“no breed found”);