Can Coda and Coda pack support this integration?

Hi Coda and Coda Expert,

Kindly take a look at this doc

My question is simple, does Coda fulfill all the pre-requisites? And can I build Coda pack to for this integration?

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@Eric_Koleda I think the important one to check is that shows the Auth flow, it is not a standardized OAuth2 :frowning:, I have checked but there is nothing in there around token refresh so not really sure.

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This might be an @Eric_Koleda question

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From what I could tell with a quick read of the PDF it appears they use an authentication method similar to OAuth, but not compatible with the standard. Packs only support a fixed set of authentication types, and it’s not possible to build a custom authentication flow currently. It’s unlikely that Coda would build support for this specific authentication flow, given how custom and bespoke it is. So I think it’s unlikely you’d be able to build a Pack that integrates with this API in any near term.


Yes that is what I thought, the only way would be to handle authentication outside the Pack against a server that acts as a proxy to make the requests to the API.


Thanks guys for all the answers.

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