Can you use withName and namedFormulas together to create awesome functions?


Does anyone know if you can use withName and namedFormulas together so that I you can for example have missing reference in your namedFormula but that using the withName you could actually give some context to your namedFormula ?

For example :

That would allow to have some really cool reusable functions for some complex calculations for example !


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for a few milliseconds my heart leaped, it looks like a really cool trick

but alas no

the places where a name has meaning is known as the scope of that name
and the name you create using the withname(value, name, formula) function has a strictly limited scope

it only has meaning within the formula (ie; the third argument) and is not visible to any other formulas outside that.

but i do agree that it would be cool to have named formulas with parameter passing IN CODA using CFL (coda formula language) without having to go off to their server farm using packs written in javascript

codans? hint, hint!



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